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This week’s good money gift will go to the Police Officers Assistance Trust.

The responsibilities of P.O.A.T. are twofold. First, to provide financial assistance to officers disabled in the line of duty, suffering from chronic or terminal illness, or the victim of some other catastrophic circumstance. POAT has paid, and will continue to pay, health care costs that insurance does not cover and other expenses when the need arises.  In all cases, financial assistance is given when all other means have been exhausted. Secondly, POAT provides educational assistance to the spouses and children of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in Miami-Dade County.

If you have not already given your $7.00 this week to someone or something you care about, I believe that money donated to P.O.A.T. is a good gift for a good cause. To give to or learn more about the organization,

See you next week!

Laurick Ingram, The Give and Save Guy

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