If you are looking at this book, it means you value learning. Either you or someone your care about is the way to college, already in college, or graduated from a college—and by college I mean college, university, or any other school after high school.  I am proud of you and hope you should be proud of yourself, because you know the value of getting smart. Be it  business-smart, doctor-smart, teacher-smart, communications—smart, lawyer-smart, liberal arts—smart, and the list goes on.

We believe all of those are great ways for you to do something valuable with your life; but if you are taking out student loans to pay for the education, we want you to be sure that along with getting career smart, you are also getting student loan smart.



“Laurick’s book is simple to understand. He provides guidelines that empower the reader to take charge of their financial situation, make sound decisions and start a smart savings plan.”

Suzy Chorney
Suzy Chorney

The Give And Save 365 Easy Money Management Guide is the perfect resource for anyone willing to learn how to save money and acquire wealth while being generous at the same time. The notion that generosity is a significant component to achieving financial success is a refreshing, rare and undervalued concept in financial literacy. It’s proven, yet simple and straightforward plan is easy for both children and adults of all ages to master!

Mr. Irving Thomas Jr.
Mr. Irving Thomas Jr.Scout, Los Angeles Lakers, Inc.

This is the most complete short book for non-financial people that I’ve read as a CPA. I appreciate this work as it includes detailed information, simple concepts and an action plan that the reader can implement immediately.

Roderick Harvey CPA CVA
Roderick Harvey CPA CVAManaging Member HCT Certified Public Accountants and Consultants, LLC

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read The Give and Save Easy Money Management Guide. I have read a lot of big, fat, complex books that bewilder you more than clear the fog. Your book is small and captures the essence of wealth creation in a format that is easy to understand and follow. Financial management is key to managing our lives and the earlier in life you can get a handle on that, the better of you will be. I hope you continue to spread the word around. It’s needed.

Hasib Mohammed
Hasib MohammedMedia Executive

It is never too SOON to start SAVING.

TIP: Remember to pay yourself first.

It is never too LATE to start LEARNING.

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